Homeowner Insurance

While adding additional coverage to your homeowner’s policy through endorsements may cost you an additional premium, it may be worth it in the long-run. When disaster strikes, you don’t have a moment to lose to get your home repaired and in living conditions.You will have to weigh the risks and determine if you need more homeowner’s insurance than you have in your existing policy.

It is not a bad idea to consult with an insurance professional and review your options. It may be as simple as getting a more comprehensive homeowner’s policy. It will depend on your unique circumstances and needs. For all your insurance needs, it is a good idea to do an insurance check-up at least once a year to make sure you are properly covered against any unexpected losses.

We provide Homeowner Insurance to residents in Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Phoenixville, Skippack, Royersford, and the surrounding area.

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What We Offer:

  • Policy Riders (Endorsements) for Added Protection

    A policy rider (also known as an endorsement) adds coverage for perils not originally listed as covered in your policy.

  • Flood Insurance and Other Special Endorsements

    Some specialty policies can include riders like pet insuranceboat insurance, and earthquake insurance. Most policies will not include flood insurance, however.

  • Earthquake

    Your home is only insured against earthquake damage if you’ve added the earthquake endorsement to your homeowner’s policy.

  • Inflation Guard

    We all understand inflation costs and their effect on our pocketbooks. If you insure your home for the price you paid for it, it may not be enough to replace your home if a total loss should occur.

  • Sewer Backup

    A sewer backup can cause expensive water damage that is difficult to repair and may also pose a health risk to you and your family.

  • Scheduled Personal Property

    If you have valuable items outside of the normal household inventory, such as jewelry, electronics, computers, or fine art, you may want to schedule these items to make sure you can replace them at their full value in the event of a loss.

  • Personal Property Replacement Cost

    The personal property replacement cost endorsement pays replacement cost for your personal property without depreciation in the event of a covered loss.

  • Home Business Endorsement

    Because more business owners operate from home, the home business endorsement will add coverage to your policy and usually has limits of 50% of the coverage for your main residence.

  • Watercraft Endorsement

    You can add a watercraft endorsement policy rider, which will add coverage for any boat that you own or use. It protects you against damages happening during boating or while the boat is docked, as well as liability protection and medical fees associated with a boating accident.

  • Theft Coverage

    Theft coverage provides protection against theft for your personal assets. Different types of endorsements are available based on the type of insurance policy you have. Check with your insurance company to see what type of theft coverage is available.

  • Secondary Residence Premises Endorsement

    This endorsement adds coverage to your homeowner’s policy for a vacation home. Purchasing the endorsement may be a cheaper option than purchasing a separate policy for a secondary residence.

  • Personal Injury Endorsement

    A personal injury endorsement adds liability protection to your homeowner’s insurance policy for things such as false arrest, wrongful eviction, slander, defamation, personal injury, and more.

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